When Adam joined hockey in 1999 he seemed somewhat detached from the rest of the players. Being shy and a loner, he always sat by himself while getting ready and seldom wanted to hang around after practices or games.

That whole scenario changed in 2001 when he was asked to be the team’s only goaltender. His self esteem bloomed. He was full of encouragement and camaraderie from that point on. He was prouder of himself than we had ever seen before.



Happy belated birthday to 9 year old Brian, who plays on the New Jersey Avalanche Squirt AAA Minor hockey team. He celebrated his birthday here, in Canada, during the Bell Capital Cup held over the 2014/2015 Christmas/New Year season. Many thanks to Brian and his team for the generous donation we have received in lieu of gifts to the young man.

It goes without saying that we are extremely grateful: imagine a 9 year old exchanging his day for the gift of giving another child the opportunity to play hockey. A most heart warming story, and a most selfless act.

Good for you Brian! You are a hero in our hearts.




The Ottawa International Hockey Festival, more commonly known as the Bell Capital Cup, takes place in arenas throughout the Ottawa area each year in late December to early January. It began in 1999 and showcases the talents of Atom and PeeWee aged players around the world.

In addition to the regularly scheduled games there is an All Star Game for all competition levels, should they choose to participate. The All Star Games award three stars per game with trophies for best defenceman, best forward, and best goalie. It is a great honour that this prodigious tournament has chosen to name the best goalie award after Adam, and called it the Adam Harlow Trophy.


AdamSchoolPicsAdam Harlow died tragically on March 24, 2002 at the tender age of ten.


He began playing hockey in 1999 for the Kemptville Panthers and, like many children, suffered from low self esteem. In 2001, a very noticeable improvement came over him when he was chosen as his team's only goalie. This change was directly attributed to the camaraderie and team spirit provided by his team mates and the game of hockey, which became his greatest passion in life.


In 1999 both Adam and his best friend decided to join the Kemptville District Minor Hockey League to play on the same team. After registration, Adam called his buddy and was very discouraged to hear that his friend's family could not afford the high registration fees and therefore could not play. A very touching moment occurred when Adam innocently turned to his mother and asked if she could pay his friend's registration fees, too.


As a tribute, the "Adam Harlow Fellowship Fund" was created to help give Kemptville District children who would not otherwise be able to play hockey, the opportunity to learn and continue to enjoy the sport by financing their hockey registration fees.


Donations are welcome in supporting this very worthy cause.