Pancake Breakfast March 2017

The Pancake Breakfasts proved another success. Many thanks to Myers and Fatless’ Chips for their sponsorship, and to all those hungry people that came out to support the Fund.

All proceeds (100%) go to the Adam Harlow Fellowship Fund, which has sponsored hockey registration fees for over 155 children in our community since its inception. Thank you to all who have supported us in this endeavor.


Sens Raffle 2017

The winners for the Senators Hockey Raffle are:

1st prize: Simon Anderson of Kemptville

2nd prize: Brenda Kendrick of Kemptville

3rd prize: Nick Bissonnette of the Kemptville 73’s

Many thanks to Cal Polminville for the jersy donation, which was won by Mark Gereau of Alexandria.


AdamSchoolPicsAdam Harlow died tragically on March 24, 2002 at the tender age of ten.


He began playing hockey in 1999 for the Kemptville Panthers and, like many children, suffered from low self esteem. In 2001, a very noticeable improvement came over him when he was chosen as his team's only goalie. This change was directly attributed to the camaraderie and team spirit provided by his team mates and the game of hockey, which became his greatest passion in life.


In 1999 both Adam and his best friend decided to join the Kemptville District Minor Hockey League to play on the same team. After registration, Adam called his buddy and was very discouraged to hear that his friend's family could not afford the high registration fees and therefore could not play. A very touching moment occurred when Adam innocently turned to his mother and asked if she could pay his friend's registration fees, too.


As a tribute, the "Adam Harlow Fellowship Fund" was created to help give Kemptville District children who would not otherwise be able to play hockey, the opportunity to learn and continue to enjoy the sport by financing their hockey registration fees.


Donations are welcome in supporting this very worthy cause.